Frequently Asked Questions

 Where is it located?

The historic arch spans Highbrook Ave. between Harmon and Lincoln Avenues.  The green extends from Pell Place to Young Ave and nearly to Storer Ave.  It is approximately two acres in total.  Click here for Google map.

 Where will the money come from to renovate and maintain the Highline?

There are numerous grants available based on historical significance, rails to trails and general greenspace.  Corporate money is another source.  If necessary private funding will be explored.

 How will safety be managed?

Fencing has been constructed along the span for safe viewing.   Maintenance of this space would be consistent with other parks owned by the Village of Pelham.  


 Why should the space be used this way?

Pelham has very little greenspace.  This property represents 22% of the Village’s open space.  The vision of a wooded trail with natural landscaping and overlooks would provide a unique experience for residents.

 What about parking?

With its central location in the Village, the greenspace trail is within easy walking distance for our community.  Please do not park on "Little" Young Ave or Pell Place.