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     The NYW&B property has been added to the New York State Register of Historic Places!
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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced March 23, 2016 that the New York State Board for Historic Preservation has recommended the addition of 19 properties, resources and districts to the State and National Registers of Historic Places—including The New York, Westchester & Boston Railway Highbrook Avenue Bridge in Pelham.
Our Vision is to transform the 2 acre railbed of the former NYW&B Railway in Pelham, New York, into a passive walk-through greenway and bird sanctuary as an amenity for all of our Village community to enjoy. The Highbrook Avenue Bridge provides a connective greenway as the center piece of the "Highbrook Highline." Friends of the NYW&B Highbrook Highline are advocates for the remediation to safety of the Historic Highbrook Avenue Bridge.  Please support our efforts to make it safe, make it bloom.

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The Highbrook Highline connects an almost  2 acre railbed greenspace in Pelham, NY.  The Highbrook Avenue Bridge (ca. 1910) was designed for the former New York, Westchester and Boston Railway (NYW&B) by the architectural firm of Reed and Stem (noted for their design of Grand Central Terminal). In the July 1914 issue of The Architectural Record, J.H. Phillips describes the NYW&B Fellheimer design.  “The utmost simplicity of treatment, both in general design and ornamental detail, characterizes all of the structures and the Florentine type chosen is exceptionally frank and sincere in its freedom from meaningless ornament." {NY Times 5/21/1912}

The NYW&B was operational from 1912-1937 until it was forced into bankruptcy in 1937.   The railway bridge and property, which defines the local landscape, was conveyed to the Village of Pelham in Westchester County, New York for back taxes owed for the right of way.  The bridge structure and its easements are contained within a two acre greenspace in the subdivision of Pelhamwood.

Current Aerial View of the NYW&B Highbrook Greenspace, Pelham, NY

Visions of the Highbrook Highline